British Ancestry Visa

British Ancestry Visa Eligibility

People who are Commonwealth citizens and have British ancestry, can be eligible for what’s often referred to as a “UK ancestry” visa. This pathway is for those who can verify that at least one of their grandparents was born in the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, or anywhere in the UK, which includes England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

Eligibility also extends to those with a grandparent born in southern Ireland before 1922, and also those born on a British-registered ship anywhere in the world.

Steps to quality via British Ancestry path

To qualify, you will need to carry out some family history research and obtain official documents such as birth and marriage certificates.

Employment requirements

You will need to provide evidence that you intend to work in the Isle of Man. This can be evidenced via a job offer or, if you’re self-employed, a business plan.

It’s important to note that you can’t apply for this visa from within the Isle of Man or the UK. Instead you must submit your application through the appropriate British immigration agency overseas.

The ancestry route can often be a more straightforward alternative to other immigration routes such as the Isle of Man Worker visa, as it doesn’t require a job offer with a predetermined minimum salary before travelling.

Steps towards naturalisation

Many individuals who qualify for the British ancestry route may also qualify for British nationality and a British passport.

Other conditions at a glance

Can my family members join me?

Is an English test required?

NHS Surcharge payable?
No – this does not apply in the Isle of Man.

Is a Criminal record certificate required?
No, a certificate is not required.

Can this path lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain / British citizenship?

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