Rep of Overseas Business Visa

Isle of Man Representative of Overseas Business Visa

An Isle of Man Visa can be issued to a representative of an overseas business, where an existing overseas business wishes to relocate a senior person to the Isle of Man for the purpose of establishing a subsidiary or branch office of that business in the Isle of Man.

Genuine Employment

The applicant must have been recruited and employed outside the Isle of Man and UK by a business that has its headquarters and principal place of business outside the Isle of Man and UK.

The purpose of entry is to represent the overseas business in the Isle of Man either by establishing and operating a registered branch or wholly-owned subsidiary actively engaged in the same type of business.

Sole Representative

Supporting Documents

The employer must provide several documents, including a full description of the company’s activities, details of assets and accounts, share distribution or ownership information, a letter confirming the establishment of a branch or subsidiary in the Isle of Man, a job description, salary details, a contract of employment, and a notarized statement confirming the applicant’s sole representative status.

Financial Self-sufficiency

The applicant must be capable of adequately supporting themselves and any dependents without relying on public funds.

Other conditions at a glance

Can my family members join me?

Is an English test required?

NHS Surcharge payable?
No – this does not apply in the Isle of Man.

Does the visa confer rights to live in the UK?
The visa requires working and therefore living in the Isle of Man.

Is a Criminal record certificate required?
No, a certificate is not required but convictions are required to be disclosed as part of the application process.

Can this path lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain / British citizenship?

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